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Walmart Grocery Pickup and Other Lifechanging Things

You may think that calling grocery pickup lifechanging is silly, but if you're the busy mom of kids who spend the entire shopping trip begging for items (even though they have literally never been successful in their begging), licking the shopping cart, piddling (how many times can a shoe POSSIBLY come untied), and then getting sick a day or two after because they touched EVERYthing in the entire store...well, it really is lifechanging. I currently drive 45 minutes once every 2-3 weeks just to pick up groceries because there's no place in my hometown that offers pickup. It's THAT amazing. and it still saves me time and money, even with the extra traveling time and fuel expenses. But when I was told by the manager of the Walmart where I usually do my pickups that it was coming to my hometown of Glasgow, Kentucky, I almost hugged the guy for no good reason. He was asking if I'd still come there once my Walmart had the program up and running in October. And I might...if I'm going to Bowling Green anyway.

But in all seriousness, life has changed pretty dramatically in the last month. My husband has quit his job of 16 years and as of January 1st, he is self-employed and we both work from home. Scary. From my limited vantage point, this was a really good job. It allowed me to quit my job 7 years ago and become a stay-at-home mom, and the transition was pretty seamless. While he probably wasn't earning in accordance to what his beautiful mind is capable of, he was certainly making enough to support our family of 4, especially since we are both pretty thrifty by nature and somewhat minimalistic. But he hasn't been happy for years. He worked for and with good people, but there was always something. I think it's that he's too hard headed to work for someone else, but I haven't found the right time to bring that up yet, and I guess it's of little consequence at this point. I have told him for years that he is too intelligent and too capable to be unhappy or feel stuck in a job he doesn't love. And he is. He is probably the most intelligent person I'll ever meet and he could do literally anything he sets his mind to. Something I have both admired and found completely exhausting at times. I guess my main concern is the changes this brings about. I'll admit that having pretty much no one to answer to other than my own family for the last 7 years has made me a little set in my ways and a little stressed by even minor upsets to my plan for the day. And I guess it's time for a confession: I don't actually make any money at embroidery. I use any profits to fund my crafting and fabric collecting (yes, collecting...definitely not hoarding). That's "worked" for us for the last three years. I'm just not sure if it will continue to work. If any readers have insights on budgeting, working from home, or suddenly spending EVERY waking minute with the one you love and not wanting to punch him in the throat (kidding) for taking the last drop of coffee (AGAIN!!!), I would love to hear them! As always, thank you for reading and for visiting my site. I hope you check out this week's special and find something you love while you're here. I love embroidery and love sharing it with you!!

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